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A few items of interest, as they arise:

Editing Pages

I’ll be adding more material here soon — but you don’t have to wait for me! Feel free to contribute to the campaign documents as you please. (Flesh out the adventure log, add character or wiki pages, etc.) When you’re in “edit mode”, wiki syntax help can be found on the right, as can lookup boxes for quickly inserting links to existing pages or characters.

Creating Pages

Perhaps the easiest way to create a new page is to create a link to it (with double brackets); said link will be red, and clicking on it will allow you to create the page. (You can also leave such links red; I will take such edits as hints to provide more information on that topic.)

I actually prefer that you use this method to create pages rather than the tool that creates a page directly, since that creates an “orphan” page that (I believe) can only be found by listing all pages. Not that that’s hard, but still, it might be less conspicuous when we have more pages on here.

Main Page

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