Chaos Scar

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Hired by Oneus Earthmane, a sorcerer staying in Restwell Keep, to retrieve a staff of earthen might. The staff was created by his ancestor, Voran Earthmane, but lost when Voran’s keep was destroyed in the meteor impact. The staff was successfully retrieved and returned to Oneus for the promised reward.

Party: Riven, Serendipity, Thorum, and Tyranus

Journal Entry 1

This is the record of Thorum Ironhide, Apprentice of the Runes, Blood Brother of Bergrim Doomhammer of the Doomhammer Clan. At the request of the Master of the Runes, I have been asked to explore the area known as the Chaos Scar and report back my findings. The Master suspects the Clan’s lost Hold to still be intact somewhere in those lands, and I am to act as scout. The fact it will allow me to hone my skills in the field, much like my Blood Brother is off doing, has not escaped me.

My initial base camp for exploration of the area will be Restwell Keep. Shortly after acquiring a room at the local inn, I stumbled across an interesting bunch of characters. Impromptu groups of adventurers seem to come and go often here, and a myriad of races and professions are constantly on parade in the common room. It wasn’t long before I fell in with a small party just forming and looking to explore the wilds. A very large blue dragonborn made the group hard to miss. Tyranus by name, his armor in such excellent condition indicated a lack of battles so far, but his swiftness in quelling the tavern brawl the night before told me he knew what he was doing. The tiefling with the penchant for nice clothes created quite the contrast standing next to the dragonborn. Serendipity was magnetic to behold, but something lurks beneath the surface. She looked positively enraged the night before when in that same scuffle, ale inadvertently ended up on her shoes. Still, when the offender burst into flame and collapsed a moment later, with no explicable reason immediately apparent, I figured it was safer with her than against her. And then there’s the elf, Riven. I’ve seen some eladrin in my day be quite haughty and holier-than-thou, but I can only describe his demeanor as that of an elven supremacist. To be honest, I think we three were the only ones willing to adventure with him after his drunken declarations in the common room the night before, which had lead to the start of the brawl. Despite the personality quirks, he had already displayed an uncanny ability throwing darts and knives in games of chance. Settling on this motley bunch as my companions of the moment, since no one sets foot in the scar alone, we decided to follow up on a tip by the innkeeper to talk to Oneus Earthmane if we were looking for work.

Oneus told us of a particular magical staff he was after, a staff having power over the earth. It had been created by his ancestor Voran before the meteor came. After the Scar, both the staff and the keep that Voran called his home were lost. Oneus, through extended searches of records, had calculated the spot to be somewhere nearby. On approaching the area he lost his nerve, however, as he heard some strange noises. He offered us a small monetary reward in exchange for the successful retrieval of the staff. It seemed easy enough work, so we agreed.

Upon arrival at the designated spot however, we came under attack from some sort of bog/frog/men creatures that smelled noxious. Dispatching the first group with little effort, we set to exploring the general area. Riven found a trap door, which we soon discovered entered into Voran’s old keep. A giant mud pit filled the room, and more of the creatures began throwing things at us as we made our way down the stairs. Tyranus scaled a book case and I jumped the mud pit to reach the ugly creatures. Meanwhile, Riven and Serendipity picked apart the things from a distance. To be honest, the biggest problem we had was getting Serendipity across the mud afterwards. She claimed she didn’t want to get her shoes dirty. Perhaps this isn’t the best business for her to be in? But I digress…

The next room saw us fighting more of the same creatures, and two very large frogs of an immensity I had never seen before. I regained my respect for Serendipity after the mud incident when she ripped one of the hiding creatures out from under a table and seconds later made him explode in a shower of gore in the middle of the room. It was about this time I found myself swallowed by one of the frogs. It was uncomfortable to say the least, but the others managed to kill the thing before it killed me. A search of the room afterward turned up a hammer with some interesting properties. Not wanting to forgo my axe, and with the other two having no need of it either, the hammer came into Tyranus’s possession.

We found the staff a short ways a way in a room that was oozing mud out into the rest of the keep. When we went to grab it however, a portal opened and earthen creatures began pouring out. Tyranus and I kept the mud men busy while Riven went to work trying to seal the portal. Eventually overcoming her intense dislike of mud, Serendipity began to help Riven and together they closed the portal. The remaining mud men crumbled shortly after.

Dirty, tired, but successful, we made our way back to the inn. Oneus was very grateful, and gave us some coin for our trouble. We spent the evening relaxing by the fire, drinking ales and swapping stories. As I set down these last words for the night, I think that I might just like to stay with these three awhile. At the very least, it would be nice to have a few friends when it comes time to look more closely for Doomhammer Hold.


I can’t even begin to tell you how many kinds of awesome that is. =) I was even LOL at one point! [My own edit was a very minor typo correction. Pay no mind.]

Stick in the Mud

thank you for all the time and effort put into this! great story.

Stick in the Mud

Very awesome story! Just like the rest of the group, I am still blown away by this Journal Entry, Jason. Good stuff, man. I may have to call upon my creative side and get back into creative writing, again. :)

Stick in the Mud

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