The Chaos Scar is a wide, mile-long valley carved out centuries ago by the fall of a massive meteor. Legends say that as the giant rock passed overhead, milk curdled, livestock fell over dead, and ill fortune befell all. The meteor crashed into the earth with deafening force, and red radiance lit the sky for a week. Then it vanished.

The meteor had carved its massive gash in a dark and wild place between points of civilization. Where once had stood a wild forest and swamp between a line of small hills was this new valley—the Chaos Scar. Ever since, unusual numbers of strange and evil creatures have been seen in the area. A long-forgotten ruler who fancied himself a king erected a wall across the valley’s mouth long ago; it still stands, partly in ruins, its gates open and unguarded. Towers that once ringed the valley have fallen to ruin as well. Some are inhabited by monsters; others are simply empty.

For ages, the beasts of the Scar seemed content to struggle among themselves behind the so-called King’s Wall; recently, though, something seems to have changed: rumors abound of monstrous creatures working in concert as never before, toward some unknown but likely unpleasant purpose. In response, adventurers such as yourselves have been gathering in the area, usually operating out of the small settlement of Restwell Keep. Of those who stray deep into the Scar, however, few return.

Chaos Scar

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